» Damien

Monday 190318

Bear Crawl, Beat or Lateral Swing, Wall Squat-3 RoundsThrusterChest to Bar Pull-upsWork a rep scheme with three sets that you can work continuously for 90s (i.e. 3-2-1, 3-3-2, etc)Rest 3 minutes8 Rounds

Friday 190315

Party is on at 5pm.  CrossFit Open 19.4Snatch 95#/65# 10xBar Facing Burpees 12×3 Rounds3 minute breakBar Muscle-up 10xBar Facing Burpee 12×3 RoundsWarm-up: Row 250m, Inchworm, Beat or Lateral Swing-3 Rounds

Thursday 190314

Muscle Snatch/ Power Snatch/ Squat Snatch/ Snatch Balance/ Overhead Squat Between sets Lat/Tri Stretch from feet 30s or PVC Bend OverTabataBurpees Box JumpRussian Swing Sit-ups Rest 1 minute between sets

Monday 190311

Knuckle HangPike Handstand Wall Squat Sit Hold 30s/Rest 30sHandstand PracticeBetween sets Seated Pancake Good Morning or Straddle Up“Elizabeth”Squat Clean 135#/95#Ring Dips 21-15-9x

Friday 190308

CrossFit Open 19.3200-ft. dumbbell overhead lunge50 dumbbell box step-ups50 strict handstand push-ups200-ft. handstand walkTime cap: 10 minutes

Thursday 190307

Front Squat 7×1Snatch one rep with a focus on speed and technique between accessory setsNarrow Stance Good Morning 3-5×5Tally up GHDSU 50xCalf Raises 3×10-20

Wednesday 190306

We are going to keep with event to celebrity the CrossFit Open on Friday at 5pm.  Jerk 1xChin-up Hold 10sDouble Unders AMRAPWork 75sRecover with Single Unders 30sRest 90s10 Rounds