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Monday 190408

Knuckle Hang Wall Facing Handstand Shoulder Extension Hold Front Body Line Work 30s/Rest 30s3 RoundsBent Arm HandbalancingBetween sets Arch Back or Jefferson CurlRun 800mHang Squat Clean 75#/55#Handstand Push-ups 30x

Friday 190405

Row 250m, Shoulder Screw, One Arm Medball OH Press 5-8x-3 RoundsHandstand PracticeAccumulate as much time hanging in 3 setsBetween sets Single Leg Good Morning or Diagonal Stretch“Brenton”Bear Crawl 100′Broad Jump 100′-Every 5 jumps perform three burpees5 RoundsGot a vest?Field Training … Read More

Monday 190401

Specialty Bench Press 7×1Use chains, bands, weight releasers, etcSupport Straddle 5sShoulder Extension Hold 10sWall Facing Handstand Hold 15sNarrow Back Squat Sit 135#.95# 20s20 minute AMRAP

Friday 190329

Regular schedule today.  Baby Pearce and Mama will be home later today.  Thank you all for you prayers and best wishes.PR Day!Set a baseline or retest a total

Thursday 190329

Pearce Edward O’Hara was born at 11:13pm last night.  Early morning classes are still on but we will cancel 9am.  We will have regular schedule for the rest of the day.Gymnastic GOATPistol Practice between setsBarbell Overhead Hold 95#/65# 20sOne Arm … Read More