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Friday 170616

Run 800m with a 25#/15# plateThen:Strict Pull-up 5xBurpee Box Jump 24″/20″ 4xPower Clean 185#/135# 3×14 RoundsRun 800m with a 25#/15# plate U.S. Navy Lt. J. Wesley “Wes” Van Dorn, 29, of Greensboro, North Carolina, died on Jan. 8, 2014, of injuries … Read More

Thursday 170615

Supinated Passive Hang 30sBear Crawl 40′Tea Cup 10x each3 RoundsSpecialty Bench PressChin-up Hold 5-20s between sets30 minutesDB Turkish Get-up 25#/15#Burpees 21-15-9x

Wednesday 170614

Dynamic Hang 20-30xCrab Walk 2×40′Snatch Pull/ High Pull/ Power/ Full-3×3 RoundsSnatch 5×3GHR or Reverse Hyper 3-5 sets30 minutes Even: Deadlift bodyweight, no more than 185#/135# 10xOdd: Row calorie AMRAP, no more than 1520 minute EMOM

Tuesday 170613

Partnered Push Hang 30sRolling Wall Bridge 20xBarbell Ramp-up3 RoundsBarbell Complex: Shoulder Press 1x, Push Press 2x, Push Jerk 3x-5 setsAccumulate as much time as possible hanging between work sets.  orBent Arm Work30 minutesStrict Chin-ups 5xKettlebell Switch Snatch 45#/25# 10xBox Jump … Read More

Monday 170712

Lizard Crawl 40′Candlestick 8xDragon Squat 40′3 RoundsTempo/Pause Back Squat (33X2) 5×3Two feet jump to single leg landing 4x between20 minutesSquat Clean 135#/95# 30xRun 800mToes to Bar 30x

Friday 170609

There are no kids classes on Saturday and open gym will be from 8-10am for the summer.  “Tiff”Run 1 1/2 milesThenChest to Bar Pull-ups 11xHang Squat Clean 155#/115# 7xShoulder to Overhead 155#/115# 7×25 minute AMRAPUnited States Army Capt. Benjamin David … Read More

Thursday 170608

Gorilla Walk 2×40′Banded Knee Pull-in Squat 10xDiagonal Stretch 10x (10s)3 RoundsGood Morning 5×3Standing Calf Raises 3×20Lateral GHDSU 3 sets 20 minutesRun 400mToes to Bar 21xRing Dips 12×3 Rounds

Wednesday 170607

Squat Snatch 3xDouble Unders 30sRest 90s-2 minutesShuttle Sprint 50y/50yRest 90s-2 minutesNo jogging on the sprint!  Rest as much as needed to make this happen.  The only way to improve speed is to train and practice speed.

Monday 1700605

Spinal Circles 10xInchworm 20′Dynamic Hang 20-30s3 RoundsGymmastic GOAT20 minutesHang Snatch Snatch 75#/55# Toes to Bar Burpees 15-12-9x