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Thursday 180809

Snatch ReviewSnatch 5×3Accessory WorkRun 400mKettlebell Swing 53#/35# 50xStep-ups 40xWalking Lunge with plate overhead 45#/25# 30xToes to Bar 20xOverhead Squat-Load is player’s choice 10x

Wednesday 180808

Odd: Push Jerk 3xEven: Protraction/Retraction 5-10s eachWork every 90s10 RoundsTabataPush-upsTuck CrunchesBox JumpRow for caloriesRest 1 minute between.  For the athletes that scratch the fitness itch, work 10s and rest 20s

Monday 180806

Wall Facing Handstand Hold 60s, Crab Walk, Kettlebell Rack Walk-3 RoundsOdd: Head/Handstand Progression or Push Press 5x Even: Muscle-up/Chin-up ProgressionWork every 2 minutes10 RoundsToes to Bar 5xBurpees 10xKettlebell Snatch 53#/35# 15×10 minute AMRAP

Friday 180803

QDR Push-ups 10x, Single Leg Good Morning 10x(10s), Wheelbarrel-3 Rounds“Nutts”10 Handstand push-ups250 pound Deadlift, 15 reps25 Box jumps, 30 inch box50 Pull-ups100 Wallball shots, 20 pounds, 10′200 Double-undersRun 400 meters with a 45lb plateLieutenant Andrew Richard Nuttall, 30, from the 1st … Read More

Thursday 180802

Straight Arm Strength Protraction/Retraction holds every 90s-10 RoundsSprint 50m 7 minute EMOMShoulder to overhead 115#/75# 50xToes to Bar 50x

Wednesday 180801

Market forces dictate there is a lack of demand for a Saturday morning class, so, the CF Hopper class will be cancelled for the rest of the summer.  Perhaps something will be revisited after Route 72 will stop being a … Read More

Tuesday 180731

Work up as heavy as possible of Shoulder Press 1x, Push Press 2x, and Push Jerk 3x“Elizabeth”Squat Clean 135#/95#Ring Dip21-15-9x

Monday 180730

Knuckle Hang 60s, Lateral Cross Step-ups 10x, Walking Lunge with plate overhead 10x- 3 RoundsFront Squat 3×8Accessory Work 5 setsDeadlift 225#/155# 9x Kettlebell Snatch 53#/35# 15xBox Jump 24″/20″ 21×5 Rounds

Friday 180727

Please be sure to keep registering even if you think the class time is safe to walk into with open spots.  If there is an emergency on our part and we have to close we want to have the able … Read More