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Thursday 180531

Person 1: Squat Clean 1x then Single UndersPerson 2: Run 200m30 minutes.  Try and move at a conversational pace to keep moving.  You can change the load on the barbell.  We are moving at this pace in anticipation on PR … Read More

Wednesday 180530

Odd: Shoulder Press 1xEven: Skin the Skin or tally up 30s of Protraction and Retraction14 minute EMOMBurpees Row for caloriesWork 45s/Rest 90s5 Rounds

Tuesday 180526

Back to regular schedule.  This Friday will be PR Day.Tabata Cossack SquatBackward Lunge with plate overhead, Deadlift Ramp-up with Voodoo, Single Arm Snatch Press Wall Balance-3 RoundsDeadlift 1xSprint 25mWork every 90s-7 RoundsBox Jumps 45xKettlebell Swing 45xWallball 45x

Friday 180525

Regular hours today and Saturday.  Monday we will have open gym at 7am and class at 9am on Monday.  Murph”Run 1 milePull-up 100xPush-ups 200xAir Squats 300xRun 1 mile

Thursday 180524

Odd: Floor Press 2xEven: Skin the Cat or Tally up 30s of protraction and retractionWork every 90s-12 Rounds“Donny”Deadlift 225#/155#Burpees21-15-9-9-15-21x