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Friday 170915

"Emily"Double Unders 30xPull-ups 15xAir Squats 30xSprint 100mRest 2 minutes10 RoundsSecond Lt. Emily Jazmin Tatum Perez, 23, was killed Sept. 12, 2006, when her Humvee was struck by an improvised explosive device as she was leading a convoy through Al Kifl, Iraq. She served in the 204th Support Battalion, 2nd Brigade, 4th Infantry Division of the U.S. Army.Perez graduated from the U.S. Military Academy in 2005. She was an exemplary student and became the highest-ranking African-American female cadet in the history of West Point. An exceptional athlete, Perez was a sprinter on the track team ... Read more

Thursday 170915

Jump Rope 3 minutesPassive Hang 30sLateral Cross Step-up 20xWalking Lunge with plate overhead 3 RoundsSnatch Grip Deadlift 5x3Triple JumpTurkish Get-ups Ring Dips 21-15-9x Read more

Wednesday 170913

Beat or Lateral Swing 20xRolling Wall Bridge 20xInchworm 24'3 RoundsBench Press 5x3Ring Row 5x3Run 800mThruster 135#/95# Chest to Bar Pull-ups15-12-9xRun 800m Read more

Tuesday 170912

Clean ReviewPartnered Push Hang 30sCrab Walk or Freestyle Kettlbell Windmill 8x3 RoundsClean 6x2Sprint 50m between sets30 minutesBox Jump 24"/20" 20xToes to Bar 10xKettlebell Switch Snatch 53#/35# 16x14 minute AMRAP Read more

Monday 170911

Jump Rope 3 minutesWhile in a squat: Knee In/Out, Sky Reach, Bow/Arch, Fishermen, Lateral Lunge, Back Bend, Table TopTempo Overhead Squat (33X2) 5x330 minutes"Hanging Grace"Hang Power Clean and Jerk 135#/95# 30xWith time left over 5 sets of bent arm work and mobilize  Read more

Friday 170908

"Miron"Run 800mBack Squat 3/4 of bodyweight 23xDeadlift 1 1/2 of bodyweight 13x5 RoundsMirosław "Miron" Łucki, 38, died Aug. 23, 2013, in Ghazni Province, Afghanistan, from fatal wounds inflicted by an improvised explosive device. Łucki was a Warrant Officer at the time of his death, and was posthumously promoted to Sergeant Major of the Army. Łucki began his service in the Polish Army in 1997.Łucki enjoyed cross-country running and the intensity of CrossFit workouts. When it came to fitness his motto was "100 percent or it's not worth the hassle."Łucki is survived by his wife and son. Read more

Thursday 170907

Snatch ReviewKnee In/Out, Sky Reach, Bow/Arch, Fishermen, Lateral Shift, Table TopHang Snatch 5x3Calf Raise 3x2030 minutesKettlebell Swing 53#/35# 9xBox Jump 24"/20" 15xSit-ups 21x15 minute AMRAP Read more

Wednesday 170806

Partnered Push Hang 30sRolling Wall Bridge 20xHandstand Circle Walk3 RoundsPush Jerk 6x2Lateral GHDSU 3-5 sets30 minutesOverhead Squats 95#/65#Pull-ups Burpees 21-15-9x Read more

Tuesday 170905

Tea Cup 10x eachSquat Routine: Knee In/Out, Sky Reach, Bow/Arch, Fishermen Switch, Lateral Shift Lunge Specialty Squat 5x3Bound over parallette to box jump 3x between sets30 minutes"Hall"Power Clean 225#/155# 3xSprint 200mKettlebell Snatch 53#/35# 20xRest 2 minutes5 RoundsU.S. Air Force Capt. Ryan P. Hall, of Colorado Springs, Colorado, died Feb. 18, 2012, near Camp Lemonnier, Djibouti, Africa, when his single-engine U-28 aircraft crashed. There were four total fatalities. The 30-year-old was assigned to the 319th Special Operations Squadron, Hurlburt Field, Florida. Hall is survived by his ... Read more

Monday 170904

We only have open gym from 7-9am and 9am wod today."Marconi"Row 2382mThen...Toes to Bar 11xAir Squats 20xKettlebell Swings 53#/35# 16x 20 RoundsDone with a partner while one works and the other rests.  Split up the reps.It is named after Detective Benjamin Marconi, who served with the San Antonio Police Department for 20 years, until he was killed by a man who stopped his car behind Detective Marconi's patrol car, walked up to him, then ambushed, shot and killed him. Detective Marconi is survived by his two children.The 2382 meter row is for his badge number. 20 rounds is for his years of his ... Read more

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