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Wednesday 181010

Try to tally up 3 minutes of L-Sit progressions.  Between sets ramp-up on a Snatch weight.Squat Snatch 1xHigh Box Jump 3xSprint 100mRest 2-3 minutes/Rest enough to keep the speed going.  You can change the load of the barbell and height … Read More

Tuesday 181009

Good Morning 5xPlayer’s choice of a Plyo Jump Work every 2 minutesPistol PracticeLateral Hip Circle WalkLateral GHDSUCalf Raises3 setsBack Squat 3xAMRAP of the best Good Morning set.  Between sets Arch Back, Scorpion Stretch, and PVC Bend Over.  

Monday 181008

Hollow Holds 3x60s between sets before dislocatesWall Facing Handstand Hold and Knuckle Hang 3x30s eachHandstand Practice-Work hip mobility components between practice sets: Single Leg Good Morning, Active Pigeon, and Diagonal StretchPower Clean 115#/75#-Let the focus be sitting back, not leaning … Read More

Friday 181005

“Bruck”Run 400mBack Squat 185#/125# 24xPush Jerk 135#/95# 24×4 RoundsU.S. Coast Guard Petty Officer Third Class Nathan B. Bruckenthal, 24, of Smithtown, New York, assigned to Tactical Law Enforcement Team South, Law Enforcement Detachment 403, based at Coast Guard Air Station … Read More

Thursday 181004

Front Squat 7×1Switch between Lat/Tri and PVC Bend Over between setsLateral Hip Circle Walk 24′-48′GHR or Reverse HyperGHDSUCalf Raises3 setsSumo Deadlift 3xAMRAPActive Pigeon, Arch Back, and Straddle Up between sets

Wednesday 181003

Running Drills to warm-upThis is a page out of Chris Hindshaw’s book.  It is looking to work specifically on VO2 max.  The pace of each interval should be slightly slower than a max effort 400m attempt to stay consistent. For … Read More

Tuesday 181002

Muscle-up PracticeEvery minute on the minute Shoulder Press 1x.  Every successful lift add 10# for the guys and 5# for the gals.  When there is a failure move onto Push Press and then Push Jerk.

Monday 181001

We had a few takers on the PR Day contest.  We will be voting on the most improved, not the best time!  Clean Review and Warm-upClean 3x-Focus on speed and technique Shuttle Spint 25y/25yWork every 90s-16 RoundsMobilize between lat/tri, pvc bend over, … Read More

Friday 180928

Today is PR Day!  We are going to set a baseline or retest a benchmark.  For those interested, we are having a bit of a contest for the most impressive improvement.  We are going to let the membership decide who … Read More

Thursday 180927

We are going to add some excitement to this week’s PR Day, which will be a benchmark!  We are looking for who will show the best improvement in a benchmark, not the best time.  We are going to allow the … Read More