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Thursday 180920

The Shoe Cues are in!”Kettlebell Swing Overhead Squat21-15-9xScratch the fitness itch and prime for the rest of the workout.  Use the swing to open up the overhead position, almost float at the top for a second punching the weight up, and … Read More

Friday 180919

Bench Press 7×1Work one spinal component between sets: Arch Back and Jefferson CurlAny Dip 3xAMRAP with a focus on quality.  Try tallying up 2 minutes of Chin-up Hold, 2 minutes Wall Facing Handstand, and GHDSU (mix between regular and lateral) … Read More

Tuesday 180918

Hand Balancing-We are going to explore different ways to get on our hands and get inverted.  Between sets of progressions we are going to be work to open our hips further.CrossFit Open 17.4Deadlift 225#/155# 55xWallball 55xRow for 55 calories Handstand Push-ups … Read More

Monday 180917

I’ve put the minimum order in for the Shoe Cues and will have some left over by the end or the week.  I’ll be selling them $35 a pop.Knuckle Hang 60s, Knee In/Out 10x(10s), Wall Squat 10x(10s)-3 RoundsBurpee Box Jump9-7-5xWork 2 … Read More

Friday 180914

“Jag 28”Run 800mKettlebell Swing 70#/53# 28xStrict Pull-up 28xKettlebell Clean and Jerk 70#’s/53#’s 28xStrict Pull-up 28xRun 800mU.S. Air Force Senior Airman Mark Forester, 29, of Tuscaloosa, Alabama, assigned to the 21st Special Tactics Squadron, based in Pope Air Force Base, North … Read More

Thursday 180913

Shoes Cues.  Dig it!Narrow Stance Good Morning (Same stance as deadlift) 3xPlayer’s choice of jump 3xWork every 2 minutesTake the 3RM of the Good Morning and do a Back Squat 3xAMRAP.  Between sets Lat/Tri Insertion Stretch 30s, PVC Bend Over … Read More

Wednesday 180912

We will be taking names and shoe sizes on the board for Shoe Cues.  If you have accessories like wraps, sleeves, or belts, things that I would say detract from most development or resiliency, and not have something that could … Read More

Monday 180910

We are taking names and shoe sizes for those interested in Shoe Cue to help your running technique.Crab Walk, Crab Crawl, Planche Crawl-3 RoundsStrict Pull Progression Strict Push Progression9-7-5xWork the most difficult progression in a set.  As fatigue sets in ease … Read More

Friday 180907

After trying Shoe Cue inserts for my running technique I am convinced it will help stave off injury and increase performance.  I am so convinced that I am looking into a wholesale order.  If you are interested please put your … Read More