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Thursday 180719

Walking lunge with plate overhead, inchworm, wall squat-3 rdsOdd: Sumo Deadlift 2xEven: sprint 50mWork every 90s-12 roundsOverhead Squat 75#/55# 100x-every time a set is broken Double unders 30x

Tuesday 180717

Thank you to those that registered.  If you haven’t gotten your password yet please email us, aresathleticclub@gmail.com.  Don’t be left out!  The 6am, 9am, and some 6pm have been reaching capacity.  We are also including any open gym as registration.  Clean … Read More

Monday 180716

If you haven’t gotten a password yet please email us at aresathleticclub@gmail.com .  They should have all gone out by now.Crab Walk, Crab Crawl, Inchworm-3 RoundsOdd: Strict Head/Handstand Push-up Progression 1-5xEven: Strict Muscle-up/Chin-up Progression 1-5xWork every 2 minutes-10 RoundsClean and … Read More

Friday 180713

Table Top Drill, Back Bend, Handstand Circle Walk-3 Rounds”Bowen”Run 800mDeadlift 275#/185# 7xBurpee Pull-ups 10x Single Arm Kettlebell Thruster 53#\35# 14xBox Jump 24”/20” 20×3 RoundsCaptain Jeffrey Bowen, of Alexander, North Carolina, died July 28, 2011. The 37-year-old was a 13-year veteran of … Read More

Thursday 180712

Zenplanner accounts are still going out to everyone.  If you have one activated please register so we can get in the swing of things.  You can also download the app on your phone. DO NOT download the staff app!Scap Around, … Read More

Wednesday 180711

We are dishing out the accounts for zenplanner in batches.  If you get one please register as we are seeing how the process works out.  Thanks for your patience.  Snatch ReviewOdd: High Hang Snatch/ Low Hang Snatch/ Full SnatchEven: Shuttle Sprint … Read More

Tuesday 180710

We started sending out emails for members to register their accounts on zenplanner.  Here is a video to help: Odd: 2 Position Pause Push Jerk 2xEven: Pull-up Progression 3xWork every 90s-10 RoundsDouble Unders 30xDumbbell Hang Squat Clean 35’s/20’s 10xHandstand Push-ups 5×15 … Read More

Monday 180709

Running DrillsOdd: Tempo Back Squat (51X1) 3xEven: Accessory Work Work every 2 minutes-10 RoundsRun 800mPower Snatch 75#/55# 50xToes to Bar 30x

Friday 180706

Bench Press 5×5“Marston”Deadlift 405#/275# 1xToes to Bar 10xBar Facing Burpees 15×20 minute AMRAPSpecial Warfare Operator 1st Class William Blake Marston, 31, of Concord, New Hampshire, died Jan. 10, 2015, in DeLand, Florida, during military parachute training. Marston was assigned to … Read More

Thursday 180705

Supinated Hang 30s, Walking Lunge with plate overhead, Dragon Squat-3 RoundsOdd: Thruster 5xEven: Weighted Pull-up 5xWork every 2 minutes-10 RoundsShuttle Sprint 25m/25m5 minute EMOMHang Power Clean and Jerk 135#/95# 5xBox Jump 30″/24″ 7×7 minute AMRAP