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Monday 170601

Jump Rope 3 minutesWhippet 15xDynamic Hanging 20-30xInchworm 14′Rolling Wall Bridge 12×3 RoundsWall Facing Handstand HoldProtractionRetractionWork 20s/Rest 30s8 RoundsOverhead Squat 95#/65# 5xToes to Bar 7xBurpees 9×10 minute AMRAPDebrief: T-Spine Extension, Lat and Shoulder Smash

Thursday 170427

Jump Rope 5 minutesShoulder Screw 10xAlternating Grip Passive Hang 20sLizard Crawl 40′Alternating Grip Passive Hang 20s3 RoundsWeighted Dips 5×3Weighted Pull-ups 5×315 minutesPush-ups 9xBox Jump 12xSit-ups 15×15 minute AMRAPDebrief: T-Spine Extension, Lat and Front Shoulder Smash

Wednesday 170426

Row 200mBanded Knee Pull-in with Snatch Press Balance 15xSingle Leg Good Morning 5x (10s)Twisting Hang 20×3 RoundsPlayer’s Choice of “Spin the Wheels” or High Intensity IntervalRun 400m/200m, Row 500m/250m, Ski 400m/200m, Bike 1/2mi-3/10miSingle Unders 30s for allRest 2 minutes for … Read More

Tuesday 170425

Taiji Eagle Arms 20/20xDynamic Hang 20xGorilla Walk 2×24′Rolling Wall Bridge 12×3 RoundsGymnastic GOAT20 minutesToes to  Bar 50xBurpees 50xRow for calories 50xDebrief: T-Spine Smash, Lat and Bully Stretch

Monday 170424

Bear Crawl 40′Banded Knee Push-Out Overhead Squat 10xSupinated Passive Hang 30sDeadlift Ramp-up 3-5×3 RoundsOnline QualifierDeadlift 315#/225# 10xDeficit Handstand Push-ups 20xFront Squats 95#/65# 30×2 RoundsDebrief: Quads, Ankles, and Harry Potter Smash

Friday 170421

In solidarity we will do one of the Online Games Qualifier for our Coach Ron.  He will be doing the other wods over the course of the weekend and Monday.  Inquiry if you are interested in doing any with him … Read More

Thursday 170420

Jump Rope 5 minutesPaloff Press 10xLateral Band Chop 10xWall Climb 3-5xSquat Walk 10′3 RoundsPush Press 6×2Weighted Pull-up 3x between sets20 minutesHang Power Snatch 3xChallenging Push-up 5xTuck Crunch 7×10 minute AMRAPDebrief: T-Spine Extension, Lat and Front Shoulder Smash

Wednesday 170419

Row 200mDynamic Hang 20xCrab Walk 2×30′Banded Knee Push-Out 10×3 RoundsBox Squat 5×3Single Leg Box Jump 4x between sets20 minutesWallball 100xEvery time the ball stops moving Burpees 10x before starting again.  Debrief: Quad, IT Band, Harry Potter Smash

Tuesday 170418

Jump Rope 5 minutesWhippet 10xInchworm 10′Rolling Wall Bridge 10xSupinated Passive Hang 30×3 RoundsJerk 3xBelly Buster Max Reps Run 200m/ Row 250m/ Ski 200m/ Bike 3/10miRest 3 minutes30 minutes Debrief: T-Spine Rotation, Bully and Overhead Stretch

Monday 170417

Row 150mPartnered Push Hang 30sDragon Squat 2×30′3 RoundsFull Clean 7×1Depth Box Jump 3x between20 minutes“Helen”Run 400mKettlebell 53#/35# 21xPull-ups 12×3 RoundsWarm-up: Hamstring Floss, IT Band, Quad Stretch