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Tuesday 180703

Partnered Wrist CircleBack Line DrillFront Line DrillWall Facing Handstand Hold Work 30s/Rest 30s3 RoundsRow 20/15 caloriesToes to Bar/Burpees/ Kettlebell Snatches Max RepsWork 90s/Rest 90s2 Rounds each

Monday 180702

Tabata Front Squat (Wall)Knuckle Hang 60sLateral Cross Step-up 10xStep-up 10xWalking Lunge with plate OH3 RoundsNarrow Stance Good Morning 5xKneeling Jump 3xWork every 2 minutes-5 Rounds“Tabata Fran”Thrusters 95#.65#Pull-ups 21-15-9xWork only during the 20s, rest for 10s, for time

Friday 180629

We are still straightening out online registration  Please email us your email address to aresathleticclub@gmail.com so we can setup your account.  It will be easier if you download the zenplanner app and find us, Ares Athletic Club.  We are also adding … Read More

Thursday 180628

Split Snatch Left and RightSeated Box Jump 2xWork every 90s-6 RoundsBox Jump 24″/20″ 9xKettlebell Swing 53#/35# 15xSit-ups 21×12 minute AMRAP

Wednesday 180627

Odd: Sott Press or Snatch Press Balance 3xEven: Skin the CatWork every 90s-10 RoundsBurpeesDouble Unders Row for calories Work 30s/Rest 30s5 Rounds

Tuesday 180626

We will be posting a link to a video in the next few days for members to register.  We are looking to start this policy next week.  Odd: Power Clean 1xEven: Sprint 50mWork every 90s-14 RoundsLateral Box Step-upBox Step-up Walking Lunge30-20-10x

Monday 180625

We are going to begin to have EVERYONE register for classes.  With the coming summer many of you know that drop-ins will max out our capacity.  With safety being our priority and in order to give everyone in our classes … Read More

Friday 180622

“Lumberjack 20”Deadlift 245#/185# 20xRun 400mKettlebell Swing 70#/53# 20xRun 400mOverhead Squat 115#/75# 20xRun 400mBurpees 20xRun 400mChest to Bar Pull-ups 20xRun 400mBox Jump 24″/20″ 20xRun 400mDumbbell Squat Clean 45’s/30’s 20xRun 400m

Thursday 180621

Odd: Weighted Dips 3xEven: Handstand WorkWork every 2 minutes-5 RoundsPush Jerk 95#/65#Chest to Bar Pull-up2,4,6…7 minute AMRAPHang Power Clean 95#/65#Toes to Bar2,4,6…7 minute AMRAP