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Thursday 190103

Specialty Squat 7×1Use any of the different barbells, chains, or bandsNarrow Stance Good Morning 5xPistol Practice GHDSU or Strict Toes to BarCalf Raises3 sets

Wednesday 180102

Back to regular scheduling.Beat Swing 20x, Inchworm, Lateral Swing 20x, Crab Crawl-3 RoundsShoulder Press 7×1Between sets Active Pigeon or Scorpion Stretch Strict Pull-up 1x, Push-ups 2x, Air Squat 3xStrict Pull-up 2x, Push-ups 4x, Air Squat 6xStrict Pull-up 3x, Push-ups 6x, Air … Read More

Wednesday 180101

We will only have 9am class today.  Wednesday will be back to regular schedule. Snatch ReviewOdd: Power Snatch 3xEven: Shuttle Sprint 25m/25mWork every 90s-16 RoundsOverhead Squat 5xToes to Bar 7xBurpees 9×12 minute AMRAP

Monday 181231

Today’s last class will be at 5pm, Tuesday 9am only, and Wednesday back to regular fitness.  Knuckle HangFront Body LineWall Facing Handstand HoldWork 30s/Rest 30s3 RoundsHandbalancing PracticeHang Squat Clean 95#/65#Pull-ups21-15-9x

Friday 181228

Next week we will have Monday’s last class at 5pm, Tuesday 9am only, and Wednesday back to regular fitness.  PR Day!Retest a Total

Wednesday 181226

Today we will have our first class at  9am and the rest of the day is normal scheduling.Knee In/Out, Sky Reach, Wall Squat-3 RoundsSplit Snatch Left, Right, SquatLateral Cross Step-upCossack Squat Box Step-upWalking LungeAir Squat20-15-10x

Monday 181224

Today we will only have 6am, 9am, and 3pm classes.  No classes Christmas and 9am start on Wednesday.  Push Jerk 115#/75# 100xEMOM Burpees 5x

Friday 181221

Schedule next week we will have our last session at 3pm on Christmas Eve, no class Christmas, 9am start on Wednesday.  “Roy”Deadlift 225#/155# 15xBox Jump 24″/20″ 20xPull-ups 25×5 RoundsMarine Corps Sgt. Michael C. Roy, 25, of North Fort Myers, Fla., assigned … Read More