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Monday 170213

jump Rope 5 minutesPush-ups (32X1) 3-8xRecline Row (31X2) 3-8xLateral Band Chop 10xKB Sumo Deadlift 5-8×3 RoundsFocus on sustaining nose breathing during a monostructural movement for 90sCycle efforts between, using the same load:Push Jerk Only 20sSquat Clean 20sAbout 30 minutesDebrief: QL … Read More

Friday 170210

Reverse Hyper 10-20xKettlebell Sott Press 10xActive T-Spine Rotation 10xBulgarian Split Squat 5-8×3 Rounds“Marston”Deadlift 405# 1x Toes to Bar 10xBar Facing Burpees 15×20 minute AMRAPSpecial Warfare Operator 1st Class William Blake Marston, 31, of Concord, New Hampshire, died Jan. 10, 2015, in … Read More

Thursday 170209

Jump Rope 5 minutesSnatch ReviewPower Snatch/ Overhead Squat 2xProtraction/ Retraction 10sWork every 90s/ 16 RoundsPower Clean and Jerk 95#/65#Push-ups 21-15-9xDebrief: PVC Bend Over 3×10(15s), T-Spine Extension, Tricep Smash 2 minutes

Wednesday 170208

Row 500mWith a kettlebell: Floor Press, Armbar Stretch, TGU, Windmill 3x, Overhead Squat 3x, Sott Press 3x, TGDWork on a monostructural movement while focusing on breathing in and out the noise for 2 minutes then cycle between: Pull-ups max repsWallball 60s … Read More

Tuesday 170207

Jump Rope 5 minutesLateral Cross Step-up 10xBarbell One Arm Press 10xLateral Band Lift 10xSide Plank Switch 20×3 RoundsBack Squat 5×5Single Leg Plate Jump 4xLateral GHDSU 3 sets20 minutesBurpeesRow for calories21-15-9xDebrief: Jefferson Curl 3×10(15s), Quad and Psoas Stretch 2 minutes each

Monday 170206

Row 500mWall Facing Handstand HoldRecline Row Hold5 RoundsHollow Body Arch Body5 RoundsHold 20s/Rest 10sPower Clean to Push Press 3xPull Hold Progression 5-20s16 minutes EMOMHang power clean 135#/95# 9xToes to Bar 12×5 RoundsDebrief: Lat/Tri Stretch 3x60s, T-Spine with peanut 3 mins, Front … Read More

Friday 170203

“Danny”Box Jump 24″/20″ 30xPush Press 115#/75# 20xPull-ups 30×20 minute AMRAPOakland SWAT Sergeant Daniel Sakai, age 35, was killed on March 21, 2009 in the line of duty along with fellow officers Sergeant Ervin Romans, Sergeant Mark Dunakin, and Officer John … Read More

Thursday 170202

Row 100m, Lateral Cross Step-up 10x, Supine Windshield Wipers 10x, Snatch Press Balance 10x- RoundsOne Arm Shoulder Press 3x eachWeighted Pull-ups 6×218 minutesHang Squat Snatch 95#/65# 3xPush-ups 12xSit-ups 21×12 minute AMRAPDebrief: T-Spine Rotation, Bully, and Overhead Stretch 2 minutes

Wednesday 170201

Recline Row (31X2) 3-8xBanded Lateral Chop 10xPush-up (32X1) 3-8xHollow Rocks 15×3 RoundsThruster 5xToes to Bar 7xDouble Unders 60s AMRAPRest 2 minutes7 RoundsDebrief: 90-90 Breathing 2 minutes, Quad and Psoas Smash 2 minutes each

Tuesday 170131

Jump Rope 5 minutes-Twisting Shoulder Rotation 10x, Tea Cup 10x, Dislocates, 10x, Sott Press 10x, Sky Reach, Lateral Shift, Fishermen’sGymnastic GOAT 20 minutesTuck Crunches 9xBox Jump 30″/24″ 7xRing Dips 5×10 minute AMRAPDebrief: Lat Tri Stretch 3x60s, T-Spine 3-5 minutes, Front Shoulder … Read More