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Thursday 170316

Row 150mApe WalkHanging Twist 20xLateral Lunge 10×3 RoundsHang Power Clean 5×3GHR or Reverse Hyper 3 sets20 minutesKettlebell Switch Snatch 45#/25# 10xSit-ups 15xDouble Unders 20×12 minute AMRAPDebrief: Split Hold 3x60s, Harry Potter Smash, IT Band Smash 2 min

Wednesday 170315

Jump Rope 5 minutesBear CrawlRecline Row (31X2) 3-5xPaloff Press 10×3 RoundsShoulder Press 5×5Chin-up Hold 5-15s between each set18 minutesThruster 95#/65# 5xPull-ups 5xPush Jerk 95#/65# 5xToes to Bar 5xPower Clean 95#/65# 5xRing Push-up 5×5 Rounds

Monday 170313

Jump Rope 5 minutesHanging Swing 20xLizard CrawlOne Arm OH Press 10xLateral Band Lift 10×3 RoundsWeighted Pull-ups 3xWeighted (Ring) Dips 3xWork Every 90s- 10 RoundsHandstand Push-ups Work 30sRow for calories Work 60sRest 60s7 RoundsDebrief: Lat/Tri Stretch 3x60s, Front Shoulder Smash 2 … Read More

Thursday 170309

Jump Rope 5 minutesTwisting Hanging 20xLizard CrawlOne Arm OH Press 5-8xLateral Shift Lunge 10×3 RoundsBench Press 5×3Weighted Pull-ups 5×320 minutesHang Power Clean 135#/95# 7xToes to Bar 9xWallball 12×10 minute AMRAPDebrief: Lat, Shoulder, T-Spine Smash

Wednesday 170308

Row 150mApe WalkScap Pull-ins 5xLateral Band Chop 10×3 RoundsSquat Clean and Jerk 3xRun 400mRest 3 minutes35 minute AMRAPDebrief: Harry Potter, Quad, and IT Band Smash 2 minutes each

Tuesday 170207

Jump Rope 5 minutesHanging Swing 20xBear CrawlHollow Rocks 12xArch Boxy Rocks 12×3 RoundsPush Jerk 3xProtraction/ Retraction 10-15sWork every 90s8 RoundsOverhead Squat 95#/65# 5xKettlebell Swing 53#/35# 10xSit-ups 20×12 minute AMRAP

Monday 170406

Row 200mStep-ups 10xLateral Lunge 10xLateral Band Lift 10xReverse Hyper 10-20×3 RoundsPause Back Squat (25X1) 5×3Broad Jump 3 between setsGHR or Reverse Hyper 3 sets20 minutesDeadlift 185#/135# Box Jump 24″/20″Tuck Crunch 21-15-9xDebrief: Jefferson Curl 3×10(15s), Psoas and Quad Stretch 2 minutes

Thursday 170302

Row 500m10 minutes of squatting and locomotionHigh Hang Clean/ Low Hang Clean/ Full CleanGHR or Reverse Hyper 3 sets20 minutesPush Jerk 95#/65# 9xLunge 12xKettlebell Swing 53#/35# 15×14 minute AMRAPDebrief: Active Pigeon 3×10(15s), TFL to Piriformis Smash 2 minutes

Wednesday 170301

Kettlebell: Switch Snatch 6x, Windmill 3x, TGU, Armbar-3 RoundsPush Press 5×3Chin-up Hold 5 sets for max time20 minutesHang Power Snatch 3xTuck Crunches 10xPush-ups 15×5 RoundsDebrief: Bully Stretch, Overhead Stretch, T-Spine with Peanut

Tuesday 170228

Row 150mReverse Hyper 10-20xLateral Cross Step-up 10xHanging Swing 20×3 RoundsBurpees Box Jump Row for calories Work 30s/ Rest 20s10 RoundsThen…Establish a 1RM of an Overhead Squat in 12 minutesDebrief: Jefferson Curl 3×10(15s), Psoas and Quad Stretch 2 minutes