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Friday 171124

We will only have 9am class and open gym sessions 7-9am and 3-4pm today."J.J."Squat Clean 185#/125# 1,2,3...Parallette (Deficit) Handstand Push-ups 10,9,8...U.S. Marine Lance Corporal Justin James "JJ" Wilson, 24, of Palm City, Florida, assigned to 3rd Battalion, 10th Marine Regiment, 2nd Marine Division, II Marine Expeditionary Force, based in Camp Lejeune, North Carolina, was killed on March 22, 2010, while supporting combat operations in Helmand province, Afghanistan. He is survived by his wife Hannah McVeigh, parents Lance and Frances, brother Christopher, and sister Jamie-Ella. Read more

Thursday 171123

We will only have 9am today.  Today's wod will be a partner TBA.  Happy Thanksgiving! Read more

Wednesday 171122

Last session is 5pm today.  Thursday and Friday we only have 9am.  Friday will also have 3-4pm open gym.Lateral Cross Step-up 20x, Wall Squat 10x-3 RoundsBox Squat 5x3Kneeling Jump 3xToes to Bar 10,9,8...Kettlebell Swing 70#/53# 1,2,3... Read more

Tuesday 171121

Shoulder Screw 20x, Cubans 5-10x, Lateral Lunge 20x(10s)-3 RoundsThruster 5x3CrossFit Open 13.3Wallball 150xDouble Unders 90xMuscle-up 30x12 minute AMRAP Read more

Monday 171120

Partnered Push Hang 30s, Walking Lunge with plate overhead, Wall Squat 10x(10s)-3 RoundsHang Snatch/Full SnatchPower Clean 135#/95# 7xBurpee Box Jumps 24"/20" 12xSit-ups 30x18 minute AMRAP Read more

Friday 171117

"Tommy Mac"Burpees 12xThrusters 115#/75# 12xBurpees 12xPower Snatch 115#/75# 12xBurpees 12xPush Jerks 115#/75# 12xBurpees 12xHang Squat Clean 115#/75# 12xBurpees 12xOverhead Squat 115#/75# 12x2 RoundsSgt. Thomas R. MacPherson, 26, was killed in action on October 12, 2012 by enemy forces during a heavy firefight while conducting combat operations in Ghazni Province, Afghanistan. He was leading an assault against an enemy position when he was mortally wounded by small arms fire.MacPherson was a team leader assigned to Company D, 2nd Battalion, 75th Ranger Regiment at Joint Base Lewis-McChord, ... Read more

Thursday 171116

Row 1K, Knee In/Out, Sky Reach, Bow/Arch, Fishermen, Lateral Lunge, Handstand Circle WalkDeadlift 7x1Sprint 50y betweenBox Step-ups 25's/15's 8xPull-ups 8xDouble Unders 20x10 Rounds Read more

Wednesday 171115

Band Pull Aparts, Whippet, Scap Arounds, Seated L-Straddle-ups 10x, Sky Reach 10x(10s)-3 RoundsEven: Split Jerk 2xOdd: Protraction/Retraction 10s each16 minute EMOMWallball 42-30-18xToes to Bar 21-15-9x Read more

Tuesday 171114

Lateral Cross Step-up 10x, Walking Lunge with plate overhead, Wall Squat 10x(10s)-3 RoundsClean 6x2Jump Over 3x"Strict Grace"Clean and Press 135#/95# 30xIf you want something else to do, rest as needed and...Row 1K Read more

Monday 171113

Row 500mShoulder Screw 20x, Cuban 10x, Handstand Circle Walk, Barbell Ramp-up-3 RoundsEven: Bench Press 2xOdd: Weighted Chin-up 2xWork every 90s 12 RoundsKettlebell Switch Snatch 53#/35# 10xBurpees 12xBox Jumps 15x20 minute AMRAP Read more

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