Personal Training

We offer personal training and online programming for many different needs. Our normal services cannot always focus on an individual’s needs so if your looking a little more out of your training then we can help. We can help with Pose Method running instruction, Olympic and powerlifting technique and programming, movement progressions to increase bodyweight and relative strength, private martial arts instruction for Judo and Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, or you just want more personal attention of our regular programming.

We have helped with people trying to get ready for sport events or seasons, physical assessments for employment, and specific physical goals. Running is the most dangerous sport by numbers and we have helped many people improve the safety and efficiency of their running technique with Pose Method of running. Sometimes the accountability of individual programming is what you need to reach your goal. We base our success on your results so we are determine to help you anyway we can. Rates are based on frequency and length of commitment. We also do small group sessions for specific training and programming that is not covered in our regular group sessions of CrossFit.

Contact us for availability.