Ares Athletic Club Testimonials


“After years of wanting to give Crossfit a try I am so glad that I finally got over myself and took that first step. I would always say that I was too out of shape and when I got a bit stronger I’d try it. Ridiculous, right?!? Far too often as women, we compare ourselves to others and allow that to deter us from reaching our fullest potential. The women at the Women’s Only CrossFit class are supportive, positive, and encourage each other. Additionally, Viktoria works with each member to tailor the workout so that whether you are new to CrossFit or have been going for months, you are challenged and leave with a sense of accomplishment. After just 3 full months, I am stronger than I’ve ever been and each class I’m amazed at the improvement I see in my mobility, stamina, and strength. The only regret I have is that I didn’t start sooner!”


“I’ve been attending since April 2016. Initially, I was a little intimidated and thought I would not be able to keep up with the class. Viktoria modified my work out so that I could ease into a more advanced level comfortably. Now, 3 months later, I’m able to not only keep up with a more advanced work out, but also lost several inches in the process. The atmosphere is so very welcoming and friendly and there is a clear sense of dedication to their clients through their continuous encouragement and support. You are always greeted with a friendly smile and instantly feel a sense of comfort. My 6 year old son adores Melissa who arranges fun activities for all the kids that attend their provided childcare.”


“I started taking the Women’s Only CrossFit class in October 2015. I had just turned 41 and as a mother of four sons I began realizing that in order to keep up with all of them I needed to get serious about being in better shape, I knew the longer I waited the harder it would become. Before starting CrossFit I was having trouble sleeping at night and struggling with my energy level during the day. I also realized that my balance, coordination and strength were all in jeopardy. It was time to stop buying larger sized clothing and get back into what I already owned. I was certainly nervous starting CrossFit, so I keep that in mind each time I meet a new woman trying our class. I feel like it should be a place to belong and better yourself. My favorite thing about Women’s Only CrossFit is the diversity in each day’s workout, you never know what you’ll be doing and the variety keeps it fun. From strength training, calisthenics and cardio to gymnastics, stretching and mobilizing everything is covered. I can honestly say I’ve never been this strong before, all while having fun accomplishing it! I’m getting a great night’s sleep every night and I have plenty of energy each day. I could never have pushed myself this much alone, having the support and accountability of our coach and the girls in the class has been the key! From handstands, cartwheels and candlesticks to kettle bells, wall balls and tire flipping the fun never ends. We’re sweaty, filthy and laughing all while out of breath. It’s always challenging and I always go home proud of my accomplishments. I’m glad I do this for myself and now I have no trouble keeping up with my four sons!”