Tuesday 180904

Sky Reach 10x(10s), Cossack Squat 10x(10s), Wall Squat 10x(10s)-3 Rounds

Odd: Thruster 3x
Even: Sprint 50m
Work every 90s-10 Rounds
Let speed dictate barbell load, no grinding!

Deadlift Unbroken 5x
Rebounding Box Jump 5x
Work 2 minutes-You should be able to move back and forth without stopping.  Change the load or height as needed to make this happen.
Air Squats 
Flush 60s
Row as a sprint for 60s
Rest 2 minutes
Do not get caught up with the reps or rounds, it is about the stimulus. Look to develop gears.  Perform the first couplet as moderate fast effort, the squats a way to catch your breath, and the row as all out effort.