Wednesday 180905

The past two days have been metabolically difficult.  Today we are going to focus more on quality and strength of movement based on what you need to work on.  

Table Top 10x(10s), Back Bend 10x, Handstand Circle Walk-3 Rounds

Strict Push Progression 50x (Work different archetypes of bodyweight pushing: head/handstand push-ups, dips, push-ups, uni-lateral work.  Start with complex and difficulty, easy the progressions as fatigue sets in.)
Belly Buster 100x (Work different types of midline work with quality.  Again, look to work more difficult progressions to easier ones as fatigue sets in.)
Partition as needed between both components.  Work on more difficult progressions if you feel like you need work on them or treat it as a warm-up for the rest of the workout.  Look to build capacity either way.  Not for time.  

Push Press 7×1

Debrief: Tally up Strict Chest to Bar Chin-up 30x.  Have a friend give you a push at the top if needed.  Between sets work on hip mobility, preferably with progression load stretch to strengthen end ranges of motion.  Not for time.