Wednesday 180912

We will be taking names and shoe sizes on the board for Shoe Cues.  If you have accessories like wraps, sleeves, or belts, things that I would say detract from most development or resiliency, and not have something that could actually add value to your movement practice, you are being irresponsible.  

Tally up 3 minutes of L-sit work.  Mix up different variations: hanging, on parallettes, on rings, in a straddle, or seated.  Between sets work on one spinal component cycling through them: Jefferson Curl, Arch Back, and Scorpion Stretch.  

Kettlebell Switch Snatch-Pick a load that can be worked the entire minute
Single Unders
Work each for a minute
Rest one minute
5 Rounds
The idea behind this is to rev the engine with burpees and down shift a gear with the snatches and drop the intensity further with the jump rope until you finally rest for the minute.