Chris Noonan, Fitness Instructor

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Chris Noonan

Professor Chris Noonan is a lifelong martial artist. First stepping on a mat at 12 years old and eventually achieving his 2nd Degree Black Belt in United States Black Cat Kenpo Karate. As a young adult he found Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and instantly fell in love with it. Earning a black belt in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu showed him the complex problems that would need to be solved quickly while under duress, as well as the seemingly infinite amount of movement possibilities allowed him the ability to express himself in a way that more traditional martial arts had never allowed.

Over the years it became clear to Professor Noonan that in order to stay up to date with the most current Jiu Jitsu techniques, and become the best coach he could for his competitive students he began competing more frequently and has medaled at IBJJF events around the country, and is a veteran of Pro events such as Fight2Win, and Men of War Pro. In 2019 FloGrappling had ranked Chris #4 in the world for the -56kg NoGi Rankings. Having carved out a niche for his coaching ability in a competitive setting while also for the amount of detailed instruction he applies to Jiu Jitsu. He has become a highly sought after instructor, traveling to teach seminars as well as attracting visitors from all over to attend his classes.

With all of his accolades, his approach to instruction is inclusive and enthusiastic. His biggest desire is to draw out the biggest potential of everyone he is surrounded with.

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