Personal Training

What does it take? …It takes a passionate, knowledgeable trainer to show you what to do, and keep you on the right track.

But that’s not all we offer, either. You’ll love both our supportive, fun community, and our exciting, quick and new workout routines ranging from 30 to 60 minutes. On top of that, you’ll be able to benefit from one-on-one nutritional guidance, rounding out a fail-safe approach to fitness that may just shock you with the type of success you will quickly begin to see.

What to Expect

Our trainers will design individualized programs especially suited to meet your needs and provide you with a safe and challenging workout. Whether your goal is a well developed physique, better cardiovascular endurance, or improved overall health, we’ll be there to provide expert instruction, guide you through proper form and alignment, and of course, offer you the motivation and support you need.


Nothing, this is a great starting point if it’s the first time you have ever stepped foot in a gym or you are an experienced athlete looking to maximize your time in the gym.

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I have not felt this great in years.
Franco M. 
I feel stronger now than I did before i joined (even being 7 months pregnant). The coaches tailor the workouts to your individual needs so everyone benefits.
Lisa S. 
Crossfit gave me my life back. when I first joined I was just shy of 300lbs.. Now, I'm a 100lbs lighter with a whole new perspective on the world.
Devon W. 
I LOVE challenging myself & truly love coming here! I am getting stronger and feeling better everyday! I have also made so many great friends here so the workouts are super fun!
Krista S. 
I feel stronger and healthier. It’s hard work, but absolutely pays off! I can’t believe how this fitness translates so well to real-life activities . Example: when moving into our new house my husband and I carried 2 solid bookcases up the stairs. Deadlift /shoulder press 👍🏼
Krissy S. 

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