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Tuesday 190219

Row 150m/100m then…Pull-ups, push-ups, toes to bar max repsCycling through each movement each roundWork 75s/Rest 2 minutes9 RoundsThen establish a 1RM of Shoulder Press

Monday 190218

Hollow HangWall Facing Handstand HoldArch HangShoulder Extension HoldWork 20s/Rest 10s3 RoundsBent arm balancing-Practice tripod, bent arm planche turn, shoulder standDragon Squat 25′ between setsCrossFit Open 17.5Thruster 95#/65# 9xDouble Unders 35×10 Rounds

Thursday 190214

Weighted Dips 5×5Bench Press 5×3Shoulder Press 5×1“Death by Pull”Start with the hardest gymnastic pull progression and gain some confidence.  Start with one rep and add a rep every minute on the minute.  As failure sets in easy up on the … Read More

Tuesday 190212

We are going to cancel early morning classes, 5:30 and 6am.  Handstand PracticeCrossFit Open 15.5 Row for caloriesThrusters 95#/65#27-21-15-9x

Monday 190211

Hanging Hollow BodyHanging Arch BodyWork 20s/Rest in Squat 30s3 RoundsToes to Bar Burpees21-15-9xEstablish a 1RM of a Push JerkShin Box Stretch or Scorpion StretchGymnastic Pull/Push 3 setsHamstring Floss between sets

Friday 190208

Row 250m, Inchworm, Wall Squat 10x-3 Rounds“Holleyman”Wallball 5xHandstand Push-up 3xPower Clean 225#/155# 1×30 RoundsU.S. Army Staff Sergeant Aaron N. Holleyman, 27, of Glasgow, Montana, assigned to the 1st Battalion, 5th Special Forces Group, based in Fort Campbell, Kentucky, was killed … Read More

Wednesday 190206

We are going to have a limit on the amount of participation in the nutrition class to keep the quality of practice.  Email us if you are interested.  We will be running a facebook campaign very soon making this same … Read More

Tuesday 190205

We are aiming to add some nutrition classes next week.  So far we are looking at Wednesday 10am and Tuesday 6pm.  If you are interest please email us and you will be getting a survey to fill out to tailor … Read More

Monday 190204

Tabata One SquatOver the course of the entire session see if you can work towards 3 minutes of L-Sit progressionsDeadlift 7×1Between sets Lat/Tri stretch for feet 30s and PVC Bend OverPause Overhead Squats (35X2) 3×3GHR 3×5-8Kneeling Sit-ups 3×5-10Ankle Inversion/Eversion 3×10