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Thursday 181213

Front Squat 7×1Between sets Lat/Tri Stretch from feet 30s or PVC Bend Over Glute-Ham Raises or Reverse HyperSissy Squat GHDSUCalf Raises3-5 sets

Tuesday 181211

Odd: Clean 3xEven: Sprint 50m or Bike 10sWork every 2 minutes10 RoundsThrusters Box JumpsBurpeesWork 20s/Rest 40s5 Rounds

Monday 181210

Our new scheduling platform, Push Press, is up.  Please register for class on the app, the Push Press Member’s Portal.  We will be putting a registration time limit one hour before a class and 10pm for the night before for … Read More

Friday 181207

“Foo”Bench Press 170# 13xThenChest to Bar Pull-ups 7xDouble Unders 77xThruster 170# 2xSit-ups 28×20 minute AMRAPSgt. Gary “Foo” Morales, of the Port St. Lucie County Sheriff’s Office in Florida, died Feb. 28, 2013. Morales, 35, was fatally shot during a traffic … Read More

Thursday 181206

Specialty Bench Press 5×3-Put a spin on a bench press.  Use the new camber barbell, weight releasers, chains, bands, etcBetween sets work on single leg good morning or active pigeonRecline Row 3-5x Athletes that can work their feet on a … Read More

Tuesday 181203

Please sign-in on the Push Press Check-in App and check-in at the gymWide Stance Good Morning 5×3Between work sets Lat/Tri on feet 30s or PVC Bend Over 10x(10s)Back Squat 5×5 with the load that you worked up to on the … Read More

Monday 181203

Congrats to our athletes that competed in The Triad at CrossFit JSA this past weekend.  Tabata between Hollow Rocks and Arch Body RocksThen Handstand and HangingRun 200mPower Clean Touch and Go 135#/95#Bar Over Burpees12-9-7xSplit Jerk Left and Right and Push Jerk 5 … Read More

Friday 181130

Thanks for everyone that is signing onto Push Press, our new scheduling platform.  If you haven’t gotten an email on how to sign in please see VIka.PR Day!This will be the last time this year we will theme a benchmark … Read More