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Welcome to Ares Athletic Club, home of CrossFit A-Game! We are Manahawkin's premier fitness studio, offering everything from Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, Judo, and Krav Maga to Personal Training programs and quality CrossFit training. Get your blood pumping and stay motivated by pushing yourself alongside our incredible community of everyday men and women who've made the commitment to lifelong fitness. 

Our proven training programs will make you stronger, faster, and healthier. Whether your goal is to thrive in a competition setting, climb Mount Everest, or lose weight and keep it off for good, our team will help you meet and exceed your goals.

We aren't your regular big box gym. We offer a personal touch, giving you a customized fitness road map, analytics to track your progress, a social network to bolster your accountability, and comprehensive nutritional guidance.

Change your life with us. Become the best version of you. Your journey begins here.

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We provide a FREE fitness assessment for each and every new member. We'll give you a tour of our facility, answer any questions you may have, and lay out a game plan for meeting your health and fitness goals. No matter whether you're a fitness junkie or taking your first steps into the gym, you'll leave with plenty of advice from expert coaches who truly care. There are no strings attached and no obligations.

We understand that you'll be curious about what makes Ares Athletic Club different. That's why we'll help you answer questions like:

- Do I need experience to try CrossFit?

- What kinds of exercises can I expect?

- How long will it take to get results?

- Do I have to stop eating donuts?

We'll have you run a few simple drills to determine your baseline level of fitness, see how you move, and determine the personalized steps necessary to help you work out in a way that's suited to your needs, goals, and fitness. Find out if Ares Athletic Club is a good fit for you and join our community of regular men and women from around Manahawkin, Long Beach Island, and Barnegat.

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